Our goal as a congregation is to add to and pass on the spiritual enrichment and strength for living in Christ that we have received and to share the love of Christ with others. Our congregation represents, as it always has, a cross section of the Ely community: mining, tourism, education, health care, government and business.

We give thanks for our church building and the care given to it; yet, we value even more the heritage of Christian fellowship and service, which began here in 1892.

This is the oldest church building in Ely, started in 1892 and completed in 1895, located on land donated by the Oliver Mining Company. A parsonage next door was completed in 1900. The construction mortgage was paid in full in 1905.

Our Moller Pipe Organ
was installed in 1922
at the cost of $1,850.00.
Running water was
connected in 1924.

During the depression the women of the Church began to make pasties to help meet church expenses. This activity has become a church tradition and part of Ely's heritage. It and similar activities have enabled the Church to remain a stable part of the Ely community.

During the 1980s, in spite of the recession in the Ely area, a number of large projects were completed: re-siding and re-roofing the Church building, re-roofing the parsonage, installing new front doors on the Church building, refinishing and cushioning the pews, remodeling the basement, adding two new rooms, repainting the interior of the Church and adding handicap access to the sanctuary.

During the time around the Centennial in 1992, further changes included installing a new bathroom upstairs, remodeling the kitchen and installing convection ovens for pasties, purchasing a brick parsonage at another location and removing the old parsonage to make room for parking, purchasing a lot for additional parking, installing two new gas furnaces and two air conditioning units and purchasing a new set of dishes for the Church.

We welcome you
to this hour
of worship
and fellowship together.